CLASTECH 2015 Invitation

October 27, 2015 in Buenaventura Section, Central Coast Section, China Lake/Bakersfield Section, Coastal Los Angeles Section, Foothill Section, Metro Los Angeles, OCCN, Orange County Section, San Diego Section, San Fernando Valley Section by tsnyderpe

Hi to ALL IEEE Foothill Section Members: CLASTECH 2015 Invitation for November 6, 2015

You are invited to come join your fellow engineers at the IEEE Coastal Los Angeles Section CLASTECH
2015 Meeting. This all day meeting will give you an update on what is happening in the high
frequency electromagnetics arena: microwaves, antennas, related power amplifier circuits, and the
related systems which use these technologies. This meeting will give you an opportunity to meet
many IEEE professionals working in these fields throughout Southern California. This is a good
opportunity to discuss common technical interests, and get some quick leads on solving technical
problems in these areas.

Note that the distinguished speakers will be attending from throughout the USA.

This meeting will be held all day on Friday, November 6, 2015 at the Proud Bird Restaurant, 11022
Aviation Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90045. This is in the LAX area.

Early registration closes on Oct 31, 2015, with a reduced rate of $20 for meeting this deadline.
Otherwise, late registration and onsite registration fee is $40.
Registration site is:

What are some of the technical topics that will be presented at this meeting, all by well qualified
experts in their field? See below the short list of the announced topics, in which some “guesses”
on the anticipated detailed subjects to be covered are added in parenthesis.

  • Satellite communication with In-Flight connectivity (Can we “talk” to our satellite? Can we
    track our satellite? Can we avoid near–encounters with other satellites in near-by orbits?)
  • End-to-end antenna and associated feed network design (a tool for antenna system engineers?)
  • Inflatable and transportable antennas (will they be wearable too?)
  • 5G / test and measurement viewpoints (How much more data connectivity and transfer can we pack
    into the next generation of smartphones? How will we verify this data connectivity?)
  • Terahertz radar for distant TBD through-clothes imaging (Are these better that Homeland
    Security airport scanners? How much?)
  • Monolithic phased array: RF out to optical frequencies (Laser frequencies, anyone?)
  • GaN power amplifiers for higher and higher frequencies (70 GHz and beyond, with wider
    bandwidths for signal transmission and modulation to boot)
  • In-Situ antenna measurements using National Instrument / AWR design tool suite (How effective
    are your lab measurements?)
  • Demonstration of electromagnetic analysis using ANSYS HFSS commercial programs
  • Electronic packaging (or, can we make a device that works within a form-factored package?)

Yes, you as an attendee will have to pick and choose what sessions to attend; there are three
simultaneous tracks. Plan for an interesting and intense day of technology updates.


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Check out the IEEE Coastal website for this meeting for the names and affiliations of the

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